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trancefan95_8 1/4 Malay

I’m a young guy, I’m a white guy, I should be able to find some incredible girls to date

I’m a white guy

I’m a white guy

I’m a white guy


Talk about arrogance and fucking entitlement…and people at /r/asiantwox think it’s Asian guys who feel entitled to Asian women?! Give me a break…


cottonswab98 3/4azn

exactly notice how much he puts emphasis on being a white guy. just goes to show the mentality these yellow fever dudes have.



Yeah I know. I mean, I was always sceptical of this guy and never listened to his music for this reason. Afterall, this guy even knows he uses his race to get fame – there’s 50,000 Filipinos that can sing better than him. Using your race to exploit inequality is such a scummy thing to do, hence why people have such low opinions of these guys…


_mymosh_ japanese

Exactly. It’s white men who now feel entitled to Asian women. They think they should be able to get any Asian woman they want because white > Asian.

Many Asian American men nowadays simply assume Asian American women aren’t interested in them and simply move on to other women. On dating sites, I never message Asian women but I’ll respond if one messages me first.


cottonswab98 3/4azn

When will these guys NEVER be the victim? The people who have it the best complain as if they have it the worst.


gucci50 filipino hapa

I was raised and grew up in the Philippines and I can definitely tell you that the filipina women who go for white men usually have poor/below average salary even so the majority just see white men as a ticket to get out and hope for a better life.

In fact I know a filipina girl who just uses an old white guy for money and holiday then goes back home to our province with his filipino boyfriend lol.

Most above average/top tier filipinas i know date within their ethnicity, some of the most good looking ones i’ve seen only go for rich politicians or businessmen.

White worshiping asian women are just a minority in Asia, but unfortunately there’s a huge chunk of them all over western countries.


reddit-thrower Asian American

My experience as well in East Asia

It’s the uglier and/or low class girls that white worship while the attractive and quality ones prefer/date Asian men

People seem to not agree with me for whatever reason


gotpanda amaf 

tends to be the uglier or really slutty ones in asia, but in western countries it could be any girl that white worships


kvrtanglesneck 1/2 asian -looks 90%  

this is why he can’t date : 

Nobody wants to be touched by Freddy Krueger.


howcanihelpsa White woman  

Gross, I cringed. I hate long nails, even on women. There’s a reason why medical professionals and food service employees can’t have long nails. It’s so unsanitary, even if you clean them multiple times a day, as soon as you touch anything something is collecting underneath them…


reddit-thrower Asian American 

Because the attractive and high quality Asian women do not self-hate since they weren’t born with ugly features and prefer Asian men. Many of the attractive and quality Asian women may be open to dating other races but definitely prefer Asians. Notice how the ugliest and uglier Asian girls tend to have a preference for whites (coincidence? No). In general, WMAF is a group of bottom tiers in their races and lower quality society rejects that only had each other. Look at majority of WMAFs for proof.


NanemoSC a white guy

Yea this guy is dumb as fuck. He basically want’s to date someone who looks like a model, but isn’t an actual model cause “that’s shallow” even though his primary criteria for dating someone is looks.

His “problem” doesn’t even have anything to do with him being white, it has to do with him having ridiculous hypocritical standards.

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