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Yesterday (12.21.2016) China’s government issued a chilling new statement: ‘“Weibo, WeChat and other online social media are not allowed to disseminate user-generated audio or video programs about current events”. We thought it over and came to a stunning conclusion: SIGHTS ARE NOW BANNED FROM WeChat!!! Because what is a sight if not a short video of current events? Everyone on WeChat is a criminal now. Of course the government will probably be selective in their enforcement, but they were not selective in their law-making.


The law does not make any distinctions or clarifications for what is considered a ‘current event’, etc etc. Just another in a long line of laws that are left intentionally vague in order to create an atmosphere of fear and an easy environment for arresting anyone and everyone. It’s not just WeChat Sights, this law also criminalizes Weibo videos, all live-streaming apps like Meipai and Miaopai and could completely crush all the Chinese independent video news producers. The ban comes weeks after a law that gives police power to censor the net after natural disasters.


This Tencent QQ video news is now ‘illegal’:

Chinese Netizen: “What do we do now, just give up on self-made media?”.


(NO!! Not even when they ban your WeChat official account 2x!!!)

Video from mobiles often show a side of China rarely seen by millions of Chinese that otherwise can only watch government media. Perhaps China is afraid after watching social media take down Hillary Clinton? After all, the wrath of Chinese netizens is well-known… but these kind of clumsy censorship attempts only serve to make netizens upset and informed about Chinese censorship! (But less informed of what is actually happening). Seriously, banning all ‘non-official’ video of current events? We give it 24 hours before Xi Jinping’s wife sends out a WeChat Sight and ends up in prison.~


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