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NPR is 5% Government Funded. Canada’s CBC is 66%.

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NPR has been in the news lately as a victim of Trump’s budget cuts.. But America’s debate on NPR is about a mere 5% of the funding. That’s right, NPR manages to fund 95% of its expenses without any help from the government! Canada’s CBC, however….   Canadian taxpayers don’t just pay for 5% …

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Ezra LIED! CBC Ad Revenues “Only” Down 49%. 📉


The story started when claimed CBC Revenues Nosedived 62% ⬇️️ Unfortunately they put their sources behind a $314 paywall. Even so, the story was quickly picked up by Rebel Media ⬇️️ We shared the BlackLocks article and the Ezra Levant video around the web but many Canadians were still skeptical. So, we e-mailed and and asked: …

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Rapists: Come to Canada, We Legalized It!


  Do you like rape? If this ruling doesn’t put a big smile on your face, absolutely nothing will. Mr. Al-Rawi, a taxi driving immigrant to Canada, has been interested in the inebriated women who ride home in his cab every night since the day he started, and he followed …

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