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The CBC Isn’t Covering Today’s Electoral Reform Protests


Anyone who says the CBC “can’t take an activist role”, just look how they’re “being activists” about bank fees! So why aren’t they covering Electoral Reform?

CBC.ca: 3 articles about Trump, 1 about Netflix, 1 about a Blizzard.

While Canadians are braving the bitter winter to make their voices heard, the CBC is silent!!

We also checked out the front-page of CBC “News“:

There’s NO COVERAGE AT ALL of the Canada-wide #ERRE #ElectoralReform Protests!!!!!!

The CBC has a history of covering for Trudeau on this. When he first abandoned his promise they wrote an article mildly criticizing him but concluding “Canadians just don’t care about electoral reform.”

Then they released a “Revenge Of The Comments Section” article that was 46% Comments Defending Trudeau! How is that “Revenge?”

They also released another article citing the useless MyDemocracy.ca “poll” to backup their claim (ie defend Trudeau).

Help Us Tell Trudeau and the CBC that Canadians want Electoral Reform!!

Sign the Declaration of Voters’ Rights! Get involved!

Don’t forget this Petition that already has over 100k signatures! Sign It Now!!

and if you are really pissed off, Tweet @CBCOmbudsman and ask her “Why Isn’t the CBC Covering #ERRE Protests?”

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  1. Global fake news pointing out their leftie buddies the CBC fake news is censoring us…hahahaha can not stop laughing. If you people would just start reporting news, all the news you would not get confused about what you censor or which group you are pandering to…hahaha. It’s why people trust Breitbart and Rebel….hahaha

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