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China’s Media Covered “GO BACK TO CHINA’. CBC didn’t.


Chinese state media People.cn (The People’s Daily), run by the government of China and considered their official mouthpiece, picked up the story of the Canadian woman yelling “GO BACK TO CHINA” in a Chinese supermarket. Canada’s state media, CBC, however, didn’t cover it at all. We took screenshots and archived the pages, …

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CBC Official Policy: “Racist Stereotypes are Funny”

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We previously wrote an article about how Canada’s state media the CBC has been using a “racist stereotype” Raj Binder on their “Comedy” show 22_minutes for over 13 years. I understand that many readers of this piece will be conservative Canadians, who aren’t as sensitive on racial issues. Well, we all know …

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For 13 Years the CBC’s ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ Used Shaun Majumder For Racist Jokes


Meet Shaun Majumder, the (half) Brown face CBC’s ‘This Hour has 22 Minutes’ Uses For Racist Jokes. He first appeared on This Hour Has 22 Minutes after his racist Indian stereotype “Raj Binder“ became popular on the Comedy Network. Now I’m sure many people reading this are shaking their heads …

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‘Canada’s Not THAT Racist’ 🍁


As a Canadian I often hear Canadians push this line of B.S… “Canadians aren’t racist”. ⏬This video tears that down, and with humor⏬ youtube comments: ugh, this was so well done and yet it has so many dislikes! Why?!   ………psssst …the answer is racism…. Canada’s biggest issue is visible …

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ASIAN STEREOTYPES: MORE STEREOTYPES: THE ‘WORLD’ ACCORDING TO SAMSUNG: (all Rich Countries / Samsung Customers + a few token countries)   Comments from GlobalNews玩球资讯 Readers: Racist how? Watched the first one, it’s two Asian people. Same race. So how can it be ‘racist’?  >Got it. I guess the first one, …

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