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NPR is 5% Government Funded. Canada’s CBC is 66%.

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NPR has been in the news lately as a victim of Trump’s budget cuts.. But America’s debate on NPR is about a mere 5% of the funding. That’s right, NPR manages to fund 95% of its expenses without any help from the government! Canada’s CBC, however….   Canadian taxpayers don’t just pay for 5% …

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In 2017 the CBC Ombudsman has Dismissed 100% of Complaints

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Her Favorite Phrase: “There was no violation of policy”. 1. “The complainant, Paul Walton, thought it was not fair or balanced to provide the names in some crime stories, but leave them out in others.” We don’t think that’s very “fair or balanced” either! Especially when they only name names of White …

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CBC Pushing anti-Ivanka #Baycott Harder Than Canadian #ElectoralReform


There’s something very revealing about how CBC Business covered the #Baycott of Ivanka Trump’s products at Hudson Bay. (from CBC’s “Ugly Trump” collection | almost as large as their “Handsome Trudeau” folder) When you compare it side-by-side to how CBC covered Canada’s #ElectoralReform petition, it’s obvious CBC places a higher …

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The CBC Isn’t Covering Today’s Electoral Reform Protests


This is the FRONT PAGE of CBC.CA RIGHT NOW! Anyone who says the CBC “can’t take an activist role”, just look how they’re “being activists” about bank fees! So why aren’t they covering Electoral Reform? CBC.ca: 3 articles about Trump, 1 about Netflix, 1 about a Blizzard. While Canadians are …

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2016 Census: 8% of Canadians live in Toronto


2016 Census: 8% of Canadians live in Toronto First census data release is now out! Canada’s population has grown 10 times since Confederation, to 35,151,728 https://t.co/aEgB10huqT pic.twitter.com/XT0qHpIaYC — Statistics Canada (@StatCan_eng) February 8, 2017 Canada’s population has grown 10 times since Confederation, to 35,151,728. But Canadians didn’t get there by having …

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CBC Official Policy: “Racist Stereotypes are Funny”

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We previously wrote an article about how Canada’s state media the CBC has been using a “racist stereotype” Raj Binder on their “Comedy” show 22_minutes for over 13 years. I understand that many readers of this piece will be conservative Canadians, who aren’t as sensitive on racial issues. Well, we all know …

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The Bank of Canada (BOC) deliberately created the housing bubble. In 2008 the BOC decided to start flooding Canada with ‘cheap credit’ and began cutting interest rates that had remained around 4% since 1995. The BOC knew the cheap credit would lead to our record levels of household debt and …

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‘Canada’s Not THAT Racist’ 🍁


As a Canadian I often hear Canadians push this line of B.S… “Canadians aren’t racist”. ⏬This video tears that down, and with humor⏬ youtube comments: ugh, this was so well done and yet it has so many dislikes! Why?!   ………psssst …the answer is racism…. Canada’s biggest issue is visible …

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