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I have been felt up and touched in unwanted places several times on the subway in Beijing over the years. Sometimes the offence is subtle and I wonder if someone just accidentally brushed off me on a crowded subway; but sadly 99% of the time, it is intentional. I’ve experienced ass pinching in many countries – not just China – but the frequency of incidents places China on the top of the list. The sad thing about sexual harassment on the subway is that most of the time there’s not much you can do about it except push them away and cause a few minutes of commotion.

Group of Adults Stands Uncomfortably Crowded Onto a Passenger Train

One time, I was in a crowded carriage and felt a hand on my ass. I turned around angrily but the perpetrator looked straight ahead as if nothing had happened. A few minutes later he did it again, ever so subtly so no-one could see. I once again turned back angrily to no reaction. Fed up, I squeezed my way past the crowds to another carriage. About 10 minutes later, I once again felt a hand on my ass and turned around only to discover that the perpetrator had followed me. This time I made a scene, shouting at him and letting everyone know what he had done. He didn’t say a word but just looked at me with an icy, expressionless look that still sends the chills down my spine. The next stop arrived and we both got off. I quickly called a platform staff member to the scene telling him what had happened and pointing to the perpetrator who, at this stage, was half way up the escalator. The attendant hesitated, clearly not knowing what to do. A few seconds later the pervert disappeared out of sight – another female victim he had successfully groped.


Sadly, stories like mine are all too common and my experiences are mild compared to what some women have experienced. And there is evidence to suggest that this problem is only getting worse. According to a report on the Globaltimes, a survey conducted by the Canton Public Opinion Research Center in Guangzhou which interviewed about 1,500 women 16 years old and older, found that 37 percent of the women said there has been an increase in the frequency of sexual harassment over the past three years.


There are increasing calls for more stringent measures to protect women on public transport, but really one has to look at the root of the problem: could this be a nasty side-effect of China’s gender imbalance? There are tens of millions of single men in China, who just like everyone else, have sexual needs. Some turn to prostitution, but clearly others get their sexual kick by feeling up and rubbing off of women riding the subway. Clearly sexual harassment is a complex social problem with no easy solution – a lesson that India knows all too well.

Regardless of what the underlying reasons for sexual harassment may be, it shouldn’t be this easy for the perpetrators to get away with it. Perhaps at this present time, the most effective method is turning to the media and exposing these disgusting sleazebags publicly – human flesh search advocates, I’m looking at you! On Monday May 25, at approximately 08:10 in the morning on Beijing’s subway Line 10, I was again the victim of sexual harassment. This time, instead of shouting, I chose a different weapon: my iphone camera. Here is a picture of the sleazebag who rubbed his hand and body off my butt for several minutes during my commute to work. Feel free to share this story and spread the word. Let’s try to bring down this perpetrators one photo at a time!


Shortly after I turned around sharply and brushed off his hand on my butt, he moved away as if nothing happened. I did take his photo however and hope that this will eventually get back to him, his family and his workplace. 北京十号线的色狼!



Don’t count on security personnel in subways to help you. Trust me, I have experience!

One time I was in the subway and I felt someone touching my ass. I turned around but I wasn’t sure who the culprit was because there were too many people around me. It happened at least 3 times before I decided to squeeze my way to another carriage. After about 10 minutes it happened again and this time I recognised the disgusting culprit who had followed me in to the other carriage! I shot him an evil look and hurled every swear word and insult I know in Chinese at him. He just looked dumb-founded and didn’t react much. At the next station we both happened to both get off. A security guy happened to be standing right at the door so I immediately shouted over the the guard and while pointing to the culprit, told him that he’s been touching my ass. The security guy barely reacted at all; after asking me to repeat myself he finally asked me which one of the passengers was the culprit, but by then he he’d already dispersed into the crowd.

The only satisfaction I got from the whole thing is seeing the culprit’s facial expression when I pointed him out to the security guard and screamed out his crime for everyone to hear. He did look slightly ridiculed but it probably didn’t stop him from doing it again. Unfortunately, the pervert gene runs deep in some people.

I was in Shanghai not too long ago. This old man was sitting and this girl and her boyfriend wer standing in front. The girls back is to the old guy. Anyway, the old guy just reaches up and pats her behind. she turns around, but does not see who did it. The old guy does it a second time and then a third!
Finally, when the girl turns for the fouth thime, her boyfriend points at the old guy.  Apparently he had seen him grope her!
POW! girl gave the old guy the best right cross I have seen in a long time!
Her boyfriend? He just stared the whole time and after the girl popped the old guy, he pulled her off the train.
Part 2 of the show was not as interesting. The old guy lay on the floor, first cursing and yelling. Then moaning and groaning.  After like two stops, when no one helped the old guy, he just got up and rather quickly got off.
As to the couple, I am pretty sure it is not the guy who wears the pants in the relationship!

i do know that chinese girls, women are quite defensive in subways and often more then willing to cover parts of their body they left undressed while walking. they do the same in offices. it seems to keep gropers out of reach. ofcourse chinese bosses are famous gropers although they also get harder and harder times on the workfloor. women grow quite independent last few years. good thing


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