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NPR is 5% Government Funded. Canada’s CBC is 66%.

NPR has been in the news lately as a victim of Trump’s budget cuts..

But America’s debate on NPR is about a mere 5% of the funding. That’s right, NPR manages to fund 95% of its expenses without any help from the government! Canada’s CBC, however….


Canadian taxpayers don’t just pay for 5% of CBC. We pay 66% of their budget.

 By 2021 Canadians will be funding them for $1.8 BILLION / year.

Even CBC knows that their financial future is bleak. Ad revenues have fallen 49% and CBC expects them to continue falling.

CBC shows draw huge audiences that advertisers would love to reach. Let CBC sales executives sell time and stop taking money from Canadians who don’t watch or listen to them.

So what about #defundCBC? Do you think Canadians still need to fund it today?

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