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From the Community Engagement Team at LEGO:

We would like to confirm that the LEGO Group have recently filed civil actions in China against the manufacturer and distributor of LEPIN branded construction toys. Our cases have been accepted by Chinese courts and are now pending for trials. We expect the 1st instance decision to be handed down in approximately one years’ time. Please note that LEPIN will not be legally barred from marketing and selling its products while the case is being heard by the courts.

We deeply appreciate and share the LEGO community’s concern and frustration about passing-off or imitation of LEGO® products. We are committed to do whatever necessary to protect the LEGO brand and products against undue exploitation, and to minimize the risk of consumers being misled via improper use of LEGO Group intellectual property assets.


We want to thank all of you for your loyalty and support. Please feel free to share this message.

On behalf of the LEGO Group, LCE


web comments:

Good because they are fighting with knockoffs riding their company, but bad because Lepin was doing good job releasing sets and they were cheaper alternative and showed us it IS possible to make better/cheaper bricks.

Yes, Lego does all the hard work (because playing with Lego all day is such hard work) and pay for licenses etc but below is a snapshot of Lego’s prices compared to Lepin’s and there is no justification to mark up any Lego set by 653%

  • 10234 Sydney Opera House £249.99 VS Lepin £33.18
  • 653% mark up
    10221 Super Star Destroyer £349.99 VS Lepin £49.02
  • 613% mark up
    42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS £249.99 VS Lepin £35.17
  • 610% mark up
    76042 The SHIELD Helicarrier £269.99 VS Lepin £39.84
  • 577% mark up
    21128 The Village £169.99 Lepin VS £28.48
  • 496% mark up
    75159 Death Star £399.99 VS Lepin £67.69
  • 490% mark up
    10246 Detective’s Office £132.99 VS Lepin £23.36
  • 469% mark up
    10236 Ewok Village £199.99 VS Lepin £38.82
  • 415% mark up
    70810 MetalBeard’s Sea Cow £169.99 VS Lepin £36.42
  • 366% mark up
    10251 Brick Bank £119.99 VS Lepin £26.06
  • 360% mark up
    71040 The Disney Castle £289.99 VS Lepin £65.12
  • 345% mark up
    75827 Firehouse Headquarters £274.99 VS Lepin £64.43
  • 326% mark up

The chance TLG will succeed in Chinese court is very very small. If brands like BMW lose in Chinese court even when a knock-off brand 100% copied their car then how can TLG win this fight. They will probably looe.

Funny how they are going after Lepin specifically and not any of the numerous others. Could this be TLG’s way of admitting that Lepin is a genuine threat in terms of quality? Or is it because Lepin show no signs of slowing down and will surely begin to damage TLG’s profit? Or that Lepin’s products, that sell for a fraction of Lego’s, are showing the consumers just how cheap Lego actually should be?

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  1. Here is my Opion about this whole issue.. The entire world can’t afford legos. They are to high priced. I tried to be lego only fan and im an adult collector.. It didnt work out for budget wise.. Then along came Lepin.. I have the barbershop/bar i also have the bank/ i also have the pet shop I also have the perisin restraunt and i just got the Lepin high speed train.. I find some diffrences in them but they are very small… i will choose to buy china stuff lepin i mean over lego… Its all i can afford and im very happey with the end result. The lepen brad does have only one draw back is you have to sort your bricks before building… Not a big deal. The Lepin high speed train runs just fine …I have had both versions of the train set. I still will always support lepin first..Thats just me… I no i will get flack from die hard fans but oh well its a free country to choose were to buy…. tvs are made in china just like great toys…..

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