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Huawei BANS Expats from in-app purchases

I live in China, from Canada, and i’m addicted to the mobile game Clash Royale. Currently using a Huawei phone. Today I finally got to ARENA 10 (yay!) and wanted to purchase the ARENA 10 VALUE PACK! I’ve previously purchased from the mobile game with no problem, but now I was suddenly hit with this:

My heart sank. I have a long history of using Chinese websites and being denied because they can’t possibly imagine a foreigner using their website.. sometimes even when it’s in English. The ID card they usually require is a CHINESE ID CARD, and the text box only accepts CHINESE ID CARD style inputs like 1234567891234567891 and not passport numbers like FU444444.

So I entered my name and passport number… clicked submit…

DAMNIT! I knew it! Huawei, you ignorant bastards. Same to you, “Ministry of Culture”. Not everyone in China has a Chinese ID Card. In fact foreigners aren’t even allowed to get one. Redditors on /r/China were making the same point just this week:

This is (1 of many reasons) why expats in China need “EXPAT RIGHTS”. We’re tired of being treated as second class citizens without access to basic website functionality (like mobile game purchases!). Huawei, we don’t care if it’s a regulation from the Ministry of Culture. I want to level-up my Baby Dragon! FIX THIS!

We at GlobalNews are planning on launching an EXPAT RIGHTS NGO. If you’ve suffered the same kind of discrimination please leave a comment and tell your story. (or e-mail editor@globalnews.asia)

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