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June, 2017

  • 21 June


    Yulin dog meat festival begins despite rumours of ban Image copyrightAFP Image captionThe tradition of eating dog meat dates back some 500 years in China A controversial dog meat festival has begun in the Chinese city of Yulin, despite earlier reports it had been cancelled or toned down this year. …

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  • 21 June

    "Our Dads are White and Moms are Asian"

    read more: Pakistan: China’s ‘Silk Road’ contract advantage Find “Foreigner-Friendly” Hotels on Qunar Bike-Sharing Schemes: Good or Garbage? The World Is Deserting Taiwan GET YOUR AD SEEN 85,000 TIMES! 🆕 🔽 all news

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  • 20 June



    🎉 In just 30 days GlobalNews had 83,000 views ! 🎉 🔎 Now we want SERIOUS advertisers! 🔍     🎉 3 NEW locations for ads 🎉   1)Top of News! EVERY reader will see your ad, right away!   2)Middle of News! everyone reading the article will read your ad too! 3) Above …

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  • 18 June

    Find “Foreigner-Friendly” Hotels on Qunar


    It’s complete bullshit in 2017 that every foreigner in China is still treated as a spy or undercover agent of the West out to destabilize the country. It’s complete bullshit that we can’t stay in MOST hotels. There are English language apps and sites that kind of filter this out …

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  • 14 June

    American Embassy HUMILIATED My Chinese Wife

    baby hair color

    My wife went to China’s American Consulate to apply for Visas for herself and my daughter. (I’m Canadian.) She traveled to Shanghai, woke up early in the morning, took the huge stack of documents we’d prepared and went to the Embassy interview.  Embassy staff took one look at my daughters Visa …

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  • 7 June

    China’s Media Covered “GO BACK TO CHINA’. CBC didn’t.


    Chinese state media People.cn (The People’s Daily), run by the government of China and considered their official mouthpiece, picked up the story of the Canadian woman yelling “GO BACK TO CHINA” in a Chinese supermarket. Canada’s state media, CBC, however, didn’t cover it at all. We took screenshots and archived the pages, …

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  • 5 June

    GlobalNews Deleted 1 Year Ago Today~

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    Today marks the 1 year anniversary of GlobalNews1 being deleted! I think you can guess what topic we had just written about -> ⬛   On GlobalNews #3 now~   For all the expats screaming I would be arrested, imprisoned, etc.. nothing happened! And we’re still here, spreading the news! …

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  • 1 June

    BEIJING: Anti-Expat Crackdown Incoming


    BEIJING – June 1st Video of a Black teacher abusing a Chinese child just went viral on Weibo. Expats across Beijing and maybe China (especially Blacks) will be scapegoated in response. China’s police will crackdown. There will be raids, punishments, deportations, harassment. Many expats replied that Chinese teachers regularly abuse …

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May, 2017

  • 30 May

    Elon Musk now working AGAINST green energy

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    Elon Musk must be rubbing his hands with glee right now. All that work buddying up to President Trump is finally paying off. Solar panels imported into the USA will soon face a US$0.78 per watt tariff. The extra cost per watt will vary by project size – 40% for large-scale utility …

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  • 30 May

    British Airways Union GUILTY of Libel, inciting Racial Hatred.

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    After BA computers crashed yesterday and hundreds had their flights delayed, BAU (British Airways Union) decided to use the crisis to score political points by blaming outsourcing to India: (Huffpost India) They did this without any hard evidence whatsoever – but that didn’t stop Reddit from making the “news” viral. …

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