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Fuck you Beijing airport

F_ck Beijing Airport

To hell with you for making me step into 2 inches of water when I get out of the taxi because you can’t even plan for drainage.


Screw you for not cracking down in the idiots trying to scam me into buying a fake iphone, while I change my soaking wet shoes.


And move your f_cking plastic bag full of instant noodles so I can sit down. Who the hell takes fanbian mian with them on a trip to Europe?!


F_ck your lame ass security people who feel up my crotch under the guise of “is it really a leather belt on my waist?” My belt is around my waist, not my balls you pervert.


Thanks for chopping my boarding pass 10 times along  the way. I like having red ink covered fingers. Protip: never wear white clothing.


Screw you for changing the gate with no announcement. Or maybe you did announce it with telepathy?  


Hey, here is a fun game! Lets try to squeeze as many people and gates as we can into one tiny area! 


F_ck you for busing us to board in the rain on some tarmat ten miles away. Ever hear of covered stairs?  


Oh, and how about you clean that bus too so I don’t get black shit all over my already red stained hands. 

F_ck you flight control for being so incompetant that according to the captain flights are so backed up that he has no idea at all when we wilk get to take off.


But hey, there is a bright side. Since Beijing flights are ALWAYS delayed, at least I have time on the plane to wash the red and black shit off my hands.

In short: F_ck you Beijing Airport.


Girl proposes in public to PRESSURE guy. Pathetic!



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