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For 13 Years the CBC’s ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ Used Shaun Majumder For Racist Jokes

Meet Shaun Majumder, the (half) Brown face CBC’s ‘This Hour has 22 Minutes’ Uses For Racist Jokes.


He first appeared on This Hour Has 22 Minutes after his racist Indian stereotype “Raj Binder“ became popular on the Comedy Network.

Now I’m sure many people reading this are shaking their heads and saying “he can’t be racist! he’s Indian”. Luckily for this article, Shaun himself admitted 3 weeks ago on CBC Comedy that “Raj Binder” is actually a racist stereotype:


“Binder is an awkward, nervous and usually sweaty Indian reporter with a strong accent.”


actual quote from this: “my involvement in underground snake fighting clubs”

In fact a simple search for “binder racist” reveals “Binder” is actually a racist slur.


The CBC has been airing an Indian stereotype with a racial slur as his last name for the last 13 years!!!

Much like Russel Peters, Shaun has made a career out of mocking his ‘own’ culture. He was born to a white mother in Newfoundland, which he also makes the butt of many of his comedy routines. Though ‘Newfie’ comedy is quite ‘normalized’ in Canada, we’re shocked to see the CBC’s This Hour has 22 Minutes time and time again using Shaun’s half-Indian heritage to get away with racist jokes that the rest of the (entirely white) cast would never dare to make.

Let’s look at what some ACTUAL Indians have to say about this brand of “comedy”:



Every one of these criticisms could easily be thrown at Shaun’s “Raj Binder”, if India had actually heard of him.


Why does he keep playing the character when even he himself admits the racism? While researching this article we came across an interview George Stroumboulopoulos did with Shaun where he talks about “Being the Brown Guy in Hollywood”:

George: “What’s cool about that show is… you’re not playing the brown guy!!”

Shaun: “It’s a really cool thing (not to play the brown guy).. and I think it shows the changing face of Hollywood”

Shaun: “Before it was like.. Bring in a brown guy.. and we’ll call him… Gupta… Gupta’s.. they’re all from over there, somewhere! We don’t need to explain this! Let’s just call him Brownie Gupta. Done!”

【Isn’t that exactly what Shaun built his career on with “Raj Binder”?】

Shaun: “Now they hire for roles that happen to be ‘Kevins’.. and the ethnicity doesn’t matter. And that’s a good sign.”

To the CBC, however, Shaun is still a brown ‘Gupta’:

Shaun as a Latino Catholic Preacher
Shaun as Atun, Latino Chef
Shaun as an Arab Muslim Woman
Shaun as an Inuit


Perhaps one day the CBC will see Shaun as a ‘Kevin’.


Until then, the #CBCisRACIST and so is This Hour has 22 Minutes.

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