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GlobalTimes.CN recently published an article an article titled ‘There is no way an expat will ever know this country.

This quote sums up the pretentiousness of the article: ‘

“it’s simply that you don’t understand China, which has a long history of 5,000 years, multiple dynasties, various dialects, rich cuisine and different philosophies. Frankly speaking, if you don’t read classical Chinese, you’re hardly qualified to say, “I know China,” even when you are Chinese.”

There is no way an expat will ever know this country

We decided to put it out there and see what the GlobalNews community had to say. Here are the responses:

  • Hello everyone, I’ve lived and loved in China in and off for seven years. I sort of love the country. Here are the most peaceful, friendly and polite people I’ve met during my travels. Every country has good sides and bad sides. I’ve never met a chinese person who wasn’t extremely friendly, welcoming and polite. I think that’s why I like it here. It’s always easy to complain. It is much better though to use and appreciate what’s good. mo-微笑mo-微笑
  • Ok
  • These foreign unappreciatives just don’t have the vision to comprehend the fact that China has the most population on this planet, of course we didn’t ask for it but would you please try to imagine your so called culturally advanced county’s population times 100 or 500, wouldn’t that be a country you have a problem with? So don’t be a baby and live with it, you are having a great time here so why bother whine like the grumpy old lady that lives next to your original home, cheer the hell up man!
  • Civilized China is Taiwan. The ghetto is the mainland.
  • i think its pretty racist to say that mainlanders are coackroaches and so on. if you are in china, live here, earn money here, you need to respect their culture and their unwritten rules. study the people and get to a conclusion why they are like they are. so cut the bullshit.. to be honest here. I have been in a few articles by the global times an they are mostly chinese people… i dont think they would sit there and write bullshit. ofc 5000 years of history make the people. How the country develope and become the contry from the beginning. it has with politics to do and people in some parts of china mainland dont have manners while others have.
  • I never get these stuffs… If expats are so unhappy why don’t they just leave. Quit bitching like vaginas. You don’t go to other people’s home to oppose your ideal on the host. Beggar shouldn’t be chooser.
  • There’s only one simple truth to understand China. I I I I I I… ∞
  • As my good friend from Taiwan says: “don’t use ‘5000 years of history’ to excuse your bad behaviour and atrocious manners. We have the same 5000 years of history, and we don’t do that!”
  • China culture was dying proportionally with arise of mainland civilisation, and now there is no such a thing left. More you try to excuse locals fucked up behavior, more you fall under their destructive affection without even noticing it. Asides from opinion speaking, one thing for me is enougth to leave china and never go back, is air quality. No excuses on that, you breathe poopy cancer-giving chairs manufactures pollution, or leave. Open satellite map and give a look to chinese sea everyday life.
  • Equally, Chinese will never understand the rest of the world. Especially with the kind of thinking this author is demonstrating. That’s why China will never be a respected superpower, just a partial power at most.
  • Who gives a shit about understanding China? Try understanding woman. Much more difficult.
  • I do not understand the relationship between the 5000 years of history and current behavior of Chinese people
  • I’m Chinese!’
  • LOL at having to read Classical Chinese to claim you know China 😄
  • Stupid expats always complaining about stuff are such idiots, a turn off and just a waste of space.
  • the very idea that you think that the two sides of this “debate” deserve equal representation is absurd. It analogous to giving a guy who believes the world is being run by a secret cabal of lizard people equal airtime to any sane person that has ever existed.

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