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CRAZY MAN CHASES COUPLE, KO’d 2X 👊📹 男子骑三轮载超长钢筋 被交警拦下后的温情一幕👊

📹CRAZY MAN CHASES COUPLE, KO’d 2X👊 实拍男子骑三轮载超长钢筋 被交警拦下后的温情一幕


Too Slow, Too slow..



If it was my husband, don’t know if he can beat people, 180, 108 pounds, is there anyway to make him fatter? Solving.



If in the Northeast us!! No man needed, she will shoot him already!


小伙子 出门在外 老婆被人调戏了 手用来干嘛的? 还跑 得着机会打人了你还跑

Stupid Boy! Why did you run? Let Your GF Get Molested?

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