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CBC Views “Canadian Women” As 77% White, 2.9% Asian

We’ve been analyzing CBC via google image search to highlight ‘hidden’ bias. We first noticed how CBC uses image selection to subtly influence readers with their Trump coverage — where Trump was consistently demonized.


But Trump and CBC don’t seem too far off. They both consider local boys and girls to be WHITE.

We searched cbc.ca for a variety of terms: girl, woman, women, “female role model”, “canadian girl”, “canadian woman”, “canada woman” as well as “chinese girl” “chinese woman” and “chinese women”. It became IMMEDIATELY apparent that CBC considered Canadians white.

We went through and hand-counted the white / non-white women. Here’s the results:

White      Non-White     (Asians)

Girl                                  23                  4                     0

Woman                           21                  5                     2

Women                          58                   42                  8

Canadian Girl               2o                   5                     0

Canadian Women       60                   17                    0

Canadian Woman       30                   9                      0

Female Role Model     21                   5                      0

Beautiful Woman        20                  0                      0
Total:                             253 (74%)    87 (25.5%)     10 (.029%)

CBC doesn’t represent Asian women. Just Chinese women alone make up 2.5% of Canada’s population. But, CBC features 0 Chinese Role Models.

CBC features 0 Asians as “Beautiful Women”.

There are 0 Asian “Girls” 

and 0 Asian “Canadian Girls” on CBC.

Asians look out – CBC is not your friend.

P.S.> CBC’s Worst Rapists in Canadian History: 2/3 Asian

#CutCBC #defundCBC

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