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Ezra LIED! CBC Ad Revenues “Only” Down 49%. 📉

Unfortunately they put their sources behind a $314 paywall.

Even so, the story was quickly picked up by Rebel Media ⬇️️

We shared the BlackLocks article and the Ezra Levant video around the web but many Canadians were still skeptical.

So, we e-mailed Blacklocks.ca and CBC.ca and asked:
“Has CBC (English) Ad Revenue actually declined 62% since losing Hockey?”

CBC spokesman Chuck Thompson replied:

So, have CBC’s English ad revenues declined by 62% since losing hockey? 


So actually Ezra Levant is technically wrong here when he claims “CBC ad revenues are down 62%”. They are down “only” 49%! Apparently the French services are doing better than the English ones,  which Blacklocks.ca reported as the actual figures behind the 62% nosedive.

Finally, CBC’s other Revenue streams are not doing any better

CBC’s Budget use of government funding went from 59% in 2013 to 66% in 2016.

And CBC’s Subscriber revenues also DECLINED by $2 million since 2013.

Good thing CBC doesn’t care about making a profit, because they’re completely failing at it.


3 hours later CBC’s Chuck Thompson wrote us again! Perhaps our tender questioning struck a nerve?

Funnily enough, Blacklocks.ca predicted CBC’s response!

Yes, we agree Tom Korski. It makes no sense to claim “we no longer pay the significant rights fees that came with [Hockey Night in Canada]” when CBC’s expenses have only increased every year!

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