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CBC Pushing anti-Ivanka #Baycott Harder Than Canadian #ElectoralReform

There’s something very revealing about how CBC Business covered the #Baycott of Ivanka Trump’s products at Hudson Bay.

(from CBC’s “Ugly Trump” collection | almost as large as their “Handsome Trudeau” folder)

When you compare it side-by-side to how CBC covered Canada’s #ElectoralReform petition, it’s obvious CBC places a higher importance on hurting Ivanka Trump than helping Canadian democracy.

If you’ve ever worked in marketing you know a key part of driving sales is the CALL TO ACTION. Clearly CBC’s #Baycott article subscribes to this philosophy. After the sub-headline ‘People push for boycott of store until brand dropped’, CBC starts pushing readers to “Grab Their Wallets” (#Baycott) in just the 2nd sentence.

Notice how “Grab Your Wallet campaign” is PURPLE? That’s a clickable link to the boycott.

That’s how you encourage readers to take action.

Now compare “GRAB YOUR WALLET” to the CBC article on electoral reform. Instead of the 2nd sentence being a link to the petition, CBC Business instead links to a Trudeau interview (in French) where he makes excuses for abandoning electoral reform.

It’s not until the 19th paragraph that CBC graces us with a link to the petition, inside of a tweet.

The #Baycott article also linked to 3 anti-Trump articles, 1 anti-Shopify/Breitbart article calling them “extreme right-wing”, and 1 neutral article.

Meanwhile, the #ElectoralReform article linked to 2 pro-reform articles and 2 anti-reform articles.

Notice how the Shopify CEO “digs in against Breitbart backlash” but Trudeau was “interviewed in Le Devoir”.

Today, CBC Business continued their attack on Hudson’s Bay, and included a link to the Ivanka Trump #Baycott. We wrote previously how CBC.ca and CBC News front-pages didn’t even mention Canada-wide electoral reform protests, but here is #Baycott front-paged AGAIN on CBC Business.

CBC Business also included the #Baycott hashtag 5 times, enabling CBC readers to take action on social media vs. a single generic #cdnpoli hashtag in the #ElectoralReform article.

A common excuse we heard after we criticized CBC for not pushing #ElectoralReform was CBC is ‘impartial’ and shouldn’t lean one way or the other. There’s nothing ‘impartial’ about CBC Business pushing people to #Baycott and Grab Their Wallets.

Image result for nathan cullen

CBC’s electoral reform article concludes with quotes from NDP MP Nathan Cullen:

“For those who say this is over, they’re wrong. It encourages me not to give up on this struggle. We have Canadians on our side.”

Yes, Nathan, Canadians are with you.

Unfortunately, CBC is too busy #baycotting Ivanka Trump.


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