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CBC Official Policy: “Racist Stereotypes are Funny”

We previously wrote an article about how Canada’s state media the CBC has been using a “racist stereotype” Raj Binder on their “Comedy” show 22_minutes for over 13 years.

I understand that many readers of this piece will be conservative Canadians, who aren’t as sensitive on racial issues. Well, we all know the CBC is Canada’s “Social Justice” HQ, who just today ran a special comparing Trump to Hitler, so it makes sense to hold them to a ‘higher standard’.

Indians on Reddit were also upset about Raj Binder and the CBC, with /r/India and /r/ABCDesis both up-voting and leaving supportive comments.

We started e-mailing and calling the CBC everyday, trying to get a response to the two most tricky questions we could think of:

1) Does “22 Minutes” Endorse the Use of “Racist Stereotypes” for comedic value?

2) Given that Shaun Majumder himself admitted the “Raj Binder” character was “a racist Indian stereotype”.. will the CBC continue to use the Raj Binder character? 

Finally, they cracked!!

Naill Cameron from CBC Audience Service:

N: “In your email, you were specifically concerned about Raj Binder, a character played by actor and comedian Shaun Mujumder. He is a racist stereotype, you wrote, and asked whether CBC “endorses” stereotypes.”

I wrote he is a racist stereotype because the creator of the character ADMITTED he is a racist stereotype.

N: “CBC is well aware of the dangers of perpetuating stereotypes and that avoiding detrimental stereotypes, even challenging them when presented by others, is a matter of a strict Corporate policy, good judgment and common sense.”

So the CBC is well aware of the dangers of detrimental stereotypes and has a history of challenging them, as a matter of corporate policy. Why is “Raj Binder” OK?

N: “CBC viewers and listeners tell us they think they are humorous.”

There you have it folks. The CBC is fine with using racist stereotypes, as long as they are “humorous”.

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  1. Ah stop being such a whiny bitch. Comedians use racial stereotypes all the time. Russell Peters entire career is based on it.

    Grow some thicker skin and a sense of hawhaw, this is politically correct taken too far.

  2. e is clueless and misinformed

    Russell Peters is a private comedian, who is not funded by tax payers, but CBC is funded by tax payers. If it was some other network like CTV, Global, City TV people wouldn’t care. Your language clearly shows your upbringing and class, no wonder you find racism funny.

    Grow some manners and a sense of respect. This is stupidity and ignorance taken too far.

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