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Facebook Is Never Going To Be Allowed Back In China Now!😲


We just discovered this today while messing with Facebook Ads. Facebook’s drop-down selection on the Ad page clearly indicates: TAIWAN IS A COUNTRY!😲 HONG KONG IS A COUNTRY!😲 MACAU IS A COUNTRY!😲 Taiwan is debatable, but Hong Kong re-joined China in 1997 and Macau in 1999. They are both classified as ‘Special Administrative Regions’ a …

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CRAZY MAN CHASES COUPLE, KO’d 2X 👊📹 男子骑三轮载超长钢筋 被交警拦下后的温情一幕👊

📹CRAZY MAN CHASES COUPLE, KO’d 2X👊 实拍男子骑三轮载超长钢筋 被交警拦下后的温情一幕 太慢了…速度太慢了… Too Slow, Too slow..   如果是我老公,都不知道能不能打败人家,180的个子,才108斤,有什么方法能让他胖的?求解 If it was my husband, don’t know if he can beat people, 180, 108 pounds, is there anyway to make him fatter? Solving.   如果在我们东北!!不用男的出手女的已经解决战斗! If in the Northeast us!! No man needed, she will shoot him already!   小伙子 出门在外 老婆被人调戏了 手用来干嘛的? 还跑 得着机会打人了你还跑 Stupid Boy! Why did you run? Let Your GF Get Molested?

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卧底调查假币如何做旧瞒天过海 💵📹 HOW TO COPY 20元 BILLS

卧底调查假币如何做旧瞒天过海 💵📹 HOW TO COPY 20元 BILLS 看完视频大家回去多多练习,我们只能教这么多了,能不能发财看自己的造化了,祝你们好运 I’m practicing right now! Wish me luck! 不得不说这些人真的是聪明。可惜走了歪路。 These people are really smart! But went the wrong way.. 天才啊!要是运用好的方面做不犯法的事,那就真的厉害死了 Genuis ! If they didn’t go undercover never would have realized it.. 记者教会了我咋造假币 Journalists taught me how to counterfeit money.

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📹 瑞士富豪4.2亿买走世界最贵原钻 💎 WORLDS PRICIEST DIAMOND

📹 瑞士富豪4.2亿买走世界最贵原钻 💎 WORLDS PRICIEST DIAMOND QQ.com留言的 — QQ Video Comments 只不过是漂亮的石头,被刻意垄断,再拿来炒作 小破孩,还有资格说别人,就你的年龄敢和谁比财富?即便你有钱也是啃老族, 人活的要有品质!人也只不过是比动物高级一点而已,为什么还分美丑高低之分呢?石头能镶在戒子上吗?一个穷屌丝的想法和发声……悲哀 举报 这老头每晚都和它说话,突然有一天晚上这个钻石说话了:“老头,你继续,要不要我们再唠5个亿的” Leave your comment below⬇️ ⬇️ 在下面留言

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ANGRY LADY DRIVES INTO DRUNK‍ 📹 卡宴车主惹毛宝马女司机 结果被惨撞双

ANGRY LADY DRIVES INTO DRUNK‍📹 实拍卡宴车主惹毛宝马女司机 结果被惨撞双   QQ.com留言的 — QQ Video Comments 威逼恐吓宝马车主,车主一激动刹车当成油门了,然后就发生这一幕,这不是故意的,真的是被吓得踩错油门了 Intimidation of BMW owners, It Was An Accident 那男的倒地的叫声真的好动听跟之前的嚣张成正比 The Man Fell To The Ground, It Was An Accident 女司机战斗力爆表,方圆十米寸草不生,人家老司机都要躲着女司机,你还和女司机pk估计是头脑发热,女司机是你惹的起的么,你拉人家车门干嘛?你吓着她了,害的人家“鸡冻”了,才导致油门都刹车使 She Got Scared And Hit The Throttle By Mistake. Beware Female Drivers! Leave your comment below⬇️ ⬇️ 在下面留言 ⬇️FOLLOW …

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