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white man

  comments from /r/Hapas: trancefan95_8 1/4 Malay I’m a young guy, I’m a white guy, I should be able to find some incredible girls to date I’m a white guy I’m a white guy I’m a white guy I’M A WHITE GUY…GIVE ME WOMEN!!!!! Talk about arrogance and fucking entitlement…and …

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Why “Expat” Media SUCKS!

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Don’t actually give a shit about expats, unless China says it’s ok (remember when that’s mag defended police raids?) (remember when that’s mag published my full name and information because I called them out for defending police raids on expats? BECAUSE THEY STILL HAVEN’T DELETED THE ARTICLE!!) Actually owned by …

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My Wife’s RACIST Chinese Nationalism Scares Me


I’ve been trying to get my wife to translate “We Teach Illegally For You, China” for a few days now. First she wanted to re-write it because she felt it was too aggressive and unsympathetic to Chinese. Last night things came to a head when she started arguing with every …

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TheBeijingers SHIT ON White Gals w/ Asian Guys


BackFromOuterSpace: I am a western woman and have a Chinese boyfriend. When I told this to a male western friend of mine who EVEN HAS A CHINESE WIFE(!!!), he couldn’t believe it at all and reacted very strange, not to say rude, asking questions like “how can you like a …

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Canada Repeating Marijuana Mistakes On Opioids

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Canada is in the middle of an opioid crisis. Fentanyl is seeping in and causing overdoses left and right. Hundreds of people are dying. Obviously our current system isn’t working. We even have a new P.M. Justin Trudeau who is legalizing marijuana. So why is Canada’s response (Bill C-37) to …

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We Teach “Illegally” For You, China


WE TEACH “ILLEGALLY” FOR YOU, CHINA We’ve all heard stories about Chinese crackdowns on “illegal” foreign teachers. Every-time some foreign teacher screws up or an officials mistress smiles at a black guy there’s a new wave of heavily publicized raids, arrests, deportations, and new regulations. It’s just not right. And …

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