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‘Canada’s Not THAT Racist’ 🍁

As a Canadian I often hear Canadians push this line of B.S… “Canadians aren’t racist”.

⏬This video tears that down, and with humor⏬

youtube comments:

ugh, this was so well done and yet it has so many dislikes! Why?!   ………psssst …the answer is racism….

Canada’s biggest issue is visible in these comments; “We’re not racist! Racism? That’s an American thing, that just doesn’t exist here!” lol right

Im Canadian too its a little bit racist


1 Australia

2 Denmark

3 Germany

4 saudi Arabia

5 usa

6 Japan

7 China

GlobalNews玩球资讯 Readers Comment:

  • ‘I’m from California San Francisco. We lived besides all races with harmony. Obviously your speaking in generalizations or your just ignorant. And I’ve seen Chinese commercials about Black people. Get real!’
  • @WJ: fuck u and fuck all ur generations back from ur very first grand father then ur father then ur mother then u stupid mothafuka. U r desease urslef u should be eliminated. The man up there, he said the truth go fuck urslef if u dont like it racist mothafuka ‘china is not racist at all, chinese are pure material wether u black or blue as long as u got money or u look rich, they are ready to kiss ur ass. They shouldnt be in the racist list they even dont know the meaning of racism. They just heard about it and copy it. Fuck off’
  • @WJ: ngine. . If you have heard of it.. you search on that.. top most racist countries and it shows you info along with the refrences that you need .. you need to leave your cave bro. Now if you need anything you Google it.. there is wide range of research on the internet. . My comment is based on some search on the internet plus my social life experience. The university I am at have foreigners from 32 countries. I wrote what I felt.. you don’t have to agree with it.. it’s understandable
  • people r racist not countries u bozos
  • America , Arabs and India comes first in racism. Then China,Canada comes in the second category. Why can’t we just like black people.. they are not racist at all. I feel like they are the most civilized people in this matter .. and yet the Brown and the black people are the victims.
  • for me the most racist peoples are Chinese and Emirates seriouslymo-大兵

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