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British Airways Union GUILTY of Libel, inciting Racial Hatred.

After BA computers crashed yesterday and hundreds had their flights delayed, BAU (British Airways Union) decided to use the crisis to score political points by blaming outsourcing to India:

(Huffpost India)

They did this without any hard evidence whatsoever – but that didn’t stop Reddit from making the “news” viral. If Offshoring of IT to India is the explicit reason for the system failure, let the CIO of BA make that comment and let BA make a ton of money off the Indian outsourcing company, because the SOW is designed against any system outage that happens because of the vendor.  BAU not only committed LIBEL, they’ve also encouraged a wave of racist and xenophobic comments across the net.

Mick Rix, BA Union leader: “This could have all been avoided”, “we warned against BA outsourcing IT jobs”. He was immediately contradicted by BA Chief executive Alex Cruz: “We believe the root cause was a power-supply issue”. Irregardless, this failure lies squarely on BA. Not on India. Not on outsourcing. British Airways is not a victim of outsourcing — the ones responsible for making decisions are responsible for the delays. BA screwed up — and BAU screwed up too by using this situation to their advantage to point the finger at the airline for outsourcing jobs.

Libel — defined as “the publication of a statement which tends to lower a person in the estimation of society” —is very prosecutable in Britain. In 2006, the Sunday Times of London printed an article that falsely accused Elton John of behaving in an arrogant and self-important manner at his annual fundraising ball. John sued for libel, claiming “considerable embarrassment and distress.” He accepted an apology and undisclosed damages.

BUA has most certainly lowered the estimation of Indian companies, Indian tech workers and India by falsely blaming flight delays on Indian outsourcing. GUILTY. And Under the Racial and Religious Hatred Act BAU is also guilty. There is no abusive or insulting requiement, just the intention — of stirring up racial hatred. Which they most certainly were doing by immediately blaming Indians with no evidence. Judging by the wave of racist comments this article provoked, BAU is also GUILTY of inciting racial hatred.

Unfortunately it costs between £300,000 ($480,000) and £2 million ($3.2 million) to bring a libel case to court. That’s why we’re asking the Indian government to SUE British Airways. And even if that doesn’t happen, us average folks can still BOYCOTT BA. Self-respecting Indians shouldn’t fly BA. Nobody should fly BA. Not until they stop blaming foreigners for their own mistakes. Not until BAU apologizes.

#BAcott #BoycottBA

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  1. It is the outsourcing of jobs to a third country where its impossible to get hand on that is the issue, nothing to do with which country the work has been outsourced to

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