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NPR is 5% Government Funded. Canada’s CBC is 66%.

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NPR has been in the news lately as a victim of Trump’s budget cuts.. But America’s debate on NPR is about a mere 5% of the funding. That’s right, NPR manages to fund 95% of its expenses without any help from the government! Canada’s CBC, however….   Canadian taxpayers don’t just pay for 5% …

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Ezra LIED! CBC Ad Revenues “Only” Down 49%. 📉


The story started when Blacklocks.ca claimed CBC Revenues Nosedived 62% ⬇️️ Unfortunately they put their sources behind a $314 paywall. Even so, the story was quickly picked up by Rebel Media ⬇️️ We shared the BlackLocks article and the Ezra Levant video around the web but many Canadians were still skeptical. So, we e-mailed Blacklocks.ca and CBC.ca and asked: …

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The CBC Isn’t Covering Today’s Electoral Reform Protests


This is the FRONT PAGE of CBC.CA RIGHT NOW! Anyone who says the CBC “can’t take an activist role”, just look how they’re “being activists” about bank fees! So why aren’t they covering Electoral Reform? CBC.ca: 3 articles about Trump, 1 about Netflix, 1 about a Blizzard. While Canadians are …

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CBC Official Policy: “Racist Stereotypes are Funny”

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We previously wrote an article about how Canada’s state media the CBC has been using a “racist stereotype” Raj Binder on their “Comedy” show 22_minutes for over 13 years. I understand that many readers of this piece will be conservative Canadians, who aren’t as sensitive on racial issues. Well, we all know …

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One Finger Challenge’ now viral on China’s net Usually ‘viral challenges’ on the Chinese internet fail to interest us. Not this one. For the last 7 days, the “One Finger Challenge” has aroused people worldwide. The idea is for a naked lady to cover her naughty parts in a selfie …

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There is no way an expat will ever know this country

GlobalTimes.CN recently published an article an article titled ‘There is no way an expat will ever know this country.‘ This quote sums up the pretentiousness of the article: ‘ “it’s simply that you don’t understand China, which has a long history of 5,000 years, multiple dynasties, various dialects, rich cuisine …

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What Africans Think Of Chinese People


Comments from our WeChat: ‘These opinions are exactly the same a decade ago…not just from the speakers in this video…same opinion from other nationalities as well…‘ ‘Haters gonna hate no matter what …. cool video’ ‘Thumbs up‘ ‘Racism is based on intent. The deliberate attempt to defame a group of …

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WE SPEND 1.1 BILLION$/yr ON PROPAGANDA.. When the CBC guidelines are very clear.. Ironic since they just opened an opinions section: So, How Credible is the CBC?? Bias Started On Day 1 Of The Candidates Nominations.. They use nice photos for Hillary.. But Angry/Smug Photos For Trump.. Their Analysis Section Is …

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