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Assange: Share Seth’s Emails or SHUT UP!

As former Trump supporters we’ve been following Seth Rich for quite some time. We may have even chanted “HIS NAME WAS SETH RICH”. We had too much faith in Wikileaks – and specifically, Julian Assange. Almost immediately after Seth was murdered, Assange started “implying” Seth was the DNC leaker. He hasn’t stopped 1 year later. It didn’t make any sense.. didn’t Seth e-mail him directly? Why doesn’t he just PROVE it? But, we finally realized…

Julian Assange is honeydicking us.


It’s really very simple. According to the #fakenews being spread around lately, Seth Rich exchanged up to 14,000 e-mails with Wikileaks. 14,000. So why does Julian Assange continue to IMPLY Seth Rich was the leaker, when he could easily leak a single e-mail PROVING it? Isn’t he withholding crucial information from a murder investigation?

Let’s hear it from the man himself, only 11 hours ago:


Ah how very convenient. There’s just one problem though — if Seth Rich was actually the source, and Assange was actually trying to protect him…. WHY DID HE “IMPLY” SETH WAS THE LEAKER ALMOST IMMEDIATELY? He even went on Dutch TV and “implied” it again!!!

Assange: Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often significant risks. There was a 27-year old that works for the DNC who was shot in the back… murdered.. for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington.
And he’s only gotten more blatant with his “hints” as time goes on..

So let me get this straight. Assange will never reveal his sources – because the sources “face serious risks”. But he is perfectly willing to “imply” who his sources are. Assange – what is the fucking difference??? If bloodthirsty Hillary Clinton was just waiting for your confirmation to unleash her team of vengeful DNC assassins… isn’t this confirmation enough? !!! If Hillary Clinton really is evil incarnate, she’s not going to wait for your ‘official’ confirmation!

If Seth Rich is really the source… you already revealed him!

So Mr. Assange — stop honeydicking us. Show the emails from Seth Rich to Wikileaks. Put up or SHUTUP.

P.S. If Seth Rich was really the leaker — he’s dead. You’re actively withholding crucial evidence from a murder investigation that would finally send #HillaryToPrison. How the fuck is that “protecting your source”? If someone murdered me for leaking to you, let it be known in advance, I want you to PROVE IT. Not “imply it” cryptically whenever Trump has a bad news day.
(But Seth isn’t the leaker, is he, Mr. Assange?)

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  1. Kim Dotcom is releasing the evidence tomorrow.

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