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What Africans Think Of Chinese People

Comments from our WeChat:

‘These opinions are exactly the same a decade ago…not just from the speakers in this video…same opinion from other nationalities as well…mo-得意

‘Haters gonna hate no matter what …. cool video’

‘Thumbs upmo-强mo-强mo-强mo-强mo-强mo-强

‘Racism is based on intent. The deliberate attempt to defame a group of people solely based on race. Their comments weren’t to defame. They were speaking Chinese behavior that in THEIR EXPERIENCE has hurt them or made them feel uncomfortable.’

‘I thought it was a good video. They all gave plus and minus according to their experiences. They seemed sincere in their observations. I don’t see it as racist, being that they gave both plus and minus. But this should’ve had more people. Using a pie graph maybe. But interesting video. Thanks Maya. Peace’

‘One thing why to make this video is the black people think the people around them are curious abt them and they put them in the lower place by themselves, Actually no one cares wether you are black or other colors. As for talking abt chinese people talk loudly, i think u should pay more attention ur accent and be more polite.’

‘That’s their way of life. Accept it or leave.mo-呲牙mo-呲牙

‘They’re just expressing opinions. Accurate ones,at that. My feeling is that the title generalises back people which it shouldn’t do because some people may have strong but positive opinions on Chinese people and some may very negative opinions.’

‘these people can not speak for all black people so i would suggest the title of this article’

‘Great video’

‘Very racist the west africans…..wait Africants’

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