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Gun Toting Chinese Lady Stops 3 Armed Robbers 🔫📹


GUNWOMAN STOP 3 ROBBERS 🔫📹 女屋主以一敌三击毙入室劫匪🔫📹 qq.com comments 腾讯视频留言的: 喷子脑残又开始喷国内,是不是傻?每年美国死在枪下的无辜群众有多少知道吗?这是女的反抗成功了你觉得有枪牛B,多少人枪还没掏出来被歹徒干掉没看到?难道天天睡觉买菜上街上网去酒吧裤子里要揣个枪还要随时提防的日子很爽?一群脑残! Each year United States how many innocent people have died by gun? This female succeeded and you feel the gun big, how many people die by guns? Is every day sleeping, shopping, in the streets and Internet bars carrying a gun in your pants very cool? A bunch of brain-dead! 呆逼i真多,中国要是有枪,比美国还要可怕,那些觉得可以有枪的,希望有枪的,请你们去美国吧,别再中国了。中国不适合你。 There‘s guns in China like the United States, even more terrible, those who think that we can have guns, hopes to have a gun, please go to the United States, not China. China is not for you. 枪的好处出来了吧。这女人没有枪,肯定被三个大老黑轮爆菊花,先奸后杀 Benefits of the gun. If this woman didn’t have a gun, the thieves would get her, first raped and then killed. [comments …

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Translate Chinese Menus FREE With Spoonhunt!

Scared To Enter Chinese Restaurants? Don’t Speak The Language? 2016-09-25 Spoonhunt Have you ever gone out to a restaurant in China and had no idea what was on the menu or how to even order? Or maybe you were too scared to go to a restaurant because you weren’t confident in …

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 LEGO SUING CHINESE ‘COPY’ LEPIN 乐拼 From the Community Engagement Team at LEGO: We would like to confirm that the LEGO Group have recently filed civil actions in China against the manufacturer and distributor of LEPIN branded construction toys. Our cases have been accepted by Chinese courts and are now …

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